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How to generate more business for your web development agency?

How do you find more business for your web development agency? Is most of your business coming through referrals? 

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Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne, director at Stephen Roger Osborne

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The answer is the same whether you're a web developer, a financial planner or a plumber. The applicable marketing principles cross all service industries. And you've no doubt heard them all before. 

Accept there is no shortcut, no silver bullet when it comes to prospect attraction. If there were, everyone would be using the same idea! 

Find your niche. You must identify your market, which means sacrifice. In other words, look for an opportunity to specialise. You have greater chance of catching the right sort of fish if you bait your hook in a small stream than the whole ocean. 

Follow this simple 5-step formula for building a professional practice. Not necessarily easy, but certainly simple:

1.    Start by providing a truly great service. Present it attractively and with a compelling message

2.    Identify a local audience that: a. needs your service; b. can afford your service; and c. is big enough to support competition

3.    Concentrate solely on servicing the bejesus out of them. Recommendations carry a hundred times the weight of advertising

4.    Keep fulfilling and exceeding the expectations of your core customer group, and your reputation will grow

5.    When this has allowed you to earn enough to advertise, do so to expand your market. The goodwill you have earned and the reputation you have built will bring expansion opportunities to your doorstep. 

If all else fails, seek professional help. A fresh set of eyes can do wonders for your vision.

Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster, Marketing Manager at Power Of Words

I'm supposing that you want to sell web development to non-technical business managers / owners. Get really good at simplifying the benefits of what you do... volunteer to do a talk at the local Chamber of Commerce meeting, or similar meetup, but only use the space to talk about them and what they can get out of a professional website. Ensure they realise the cons of doing the outsourcing themselves or getting their 'cousin' to design it, and provide a set of screen grabs of a really nicely designed and navigable website of yours, right from the first click on the search engine to the contact form. In a small setting, just use your iPad to show them what a modern website looks like versus an outdated one.

Refrain from using the jargon of our industry, offer outcome-focussed information, and you'll make some new business contacts that think you're a really helpful person. Leave them your card/brochure and don't forget to follow up all interest.  

Chirag Ahmedabadi

Chirag Ahmedabadi at AppliView Technologies

SEO Tic Taks will be great for grow your business well

Skeeve Stevens

Skeeve Stevens, Chief Network Architect and Founder at eintellego Networks

All businesses are the same.

We use the KPI model (www.keypersonofinfluence.com.au)

- Pitch - How to tell people what you do

- Publish - Get your material out there

- Profile - If Google doesn't know you, you don't exist

- Products - Define what you actually do

- Partnerships - You can't do it all yourself


Every business needs these if they want to succeed.... as well as a lot more.... business doesn't just happen, you have to make it happen.... but the old days of marketing and sales are dying... and the new entrepreneur revolution is taking shape.



Bridget Holland

Bridget Holland, Director at

Have a great website yourselves with a solid portfolio.  Any portfolio link should open a new window so your site is still there when they stop browsing the portfolio.

Don't try and be all things to all people.  Be sure what your target market is.  Information / lead generation sites versus e-commerce / transactional.  Experienced with web versus small business just starting out.  Push that strength on your website and in your portfolio.

Have a page on 'what to look for in a web development agency?' or a checklist of steps in planning a website.  Pitch this to the level of expertise you expect in your target market.  Run in conjunction with a blog / newsletter that people sign up to.

One newsletter I'm signed up to recently offered a 'free blog overhaul to increase conversions' for one lucky reader.  In exchange, they got:

* I don't know how many enquiries from their readership who are now warm prospects with an identified need / desire.

* an excellent case study for future newsletter and web post  (I think the conversion rate went up 300% or something)

* an evangelist!

Or free reviews to anyone for a limited time.  (or maybe at $10 since a nominal payment may reduce tire-kickers...)