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Do you use YouTube to generate new business?

YouTube is supposed to be the 2nd largest search engine. Do you use it to generate new business?

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Gosia Slotala

Gosia Slotala, Marketing Manager at

We do at Shelcom, or at least we've started. 

We realize the power of the how-to video on YouTube. 

The industry which we are in is quite complex and people often find it hard to understand the processes.  

We've created two videos thus far:

How to set up a business in Australia and How to set up a company in Australia. 

Our intention is not to just get sales through this, as this probably won't help too much, but it's more about helping people out.  Giving the potential audience some credible and usable information on topic of business structures. 

We definitely intend to create more videos in different formats in the future.  


Linda Reed-Enever

Linda Reed-Enever, Director at

Michael one of my clients is just stating to use it really well to generate interest in her recipes etc.

I use it with Family Capers to showcase our how to's and advisors and it works well for us. The branding of the chanel increased our engaement.

Chris Le Roy

Chris Le Roy, Founder at One-on-One Professoinal Business Training


  My company has been using Youtube to generate business for about 4 years. There are a number of different ways in which we do that through Youtube to Website sales or through advertising on our videos that we post on Youtube.

 My goal over the next twelve months is to be able to achieve a 5 figure income just from the videos we post and receive advertising from them.  What I have found is that when you use Youtube in combination with other social media platforms you can really expand the income opportunities.

 The key with videos you post on Youtube is to ensure that they have valuable information that people want to use.  I have videos I posted to Youtube 3 years ago that still generate me advertising revenue as well as product sales.  The videos I created were informative, so essentially you are giving greater value than the price your receive but then future clients are prepared to then use your services.

 The big mistake many small business owners do is to try to make their youtube videos simply advertising tools and sometimes that will work for a short time but Youtube's algorithym seems to give more credit to videos where people come back regularly so if your videos are advertising only, then people may only be prepared to visit the video once.

Chris Le Roy

Peter Montgomery

Peter Montgomery, Founder / Host at

I was commissioned by Zaki Ameer to do an interview series about his property investing business. Just asking him specific questions as a set up for him to discuss certain aspects of how to do his thing. We did 10 videos and he's really happy with how they turned out. He uses them on facebook and on his website etc... 1000's of views.

He must make money from it because he's asked me to do a once a week one question on going show type of thing with him. This way he'll always have fresh content going up that's fast and easy to deliver. Should be cool. Time will tell how effective this is.

Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

YouTube is very powerful for audience reach. It's also much easier to get found than on Google, In terms of competition there are a lot more webpages you are competing with than videos. 

Just to give you some ideas on stats, my personal blog which I have been frequently working on (2-3 posts a week) has gained about 20,000 visits per month after starting seriously around august last year. Currently after spending 1 month on YouTube and uploading at 1 video per week I have about 50,000 video views and a lot more likes and comments than on my blog articles.

I guess leveraging off their huge (and bored) audience helps and because people on YouTube are either looking for entertainment, education or looking for a answer to their problem, you have a great base for an attentive audience.