How to find the right accountant?

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Hi Nathan, I have a report on the mistakes business owners make when choosing an accountant and what questions to ask. Did you want me to send it through to you? Cheers, Lisa

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Accounting helps you keep a track of your transactions. Maintaining accurate books of accounts is crucial to your business as it helps you make important business decisions. There are some mistakes that business owners need to avoid when Hire an accountant, whether hiring an in house accountant or hiring or Choosing an accountant services firm. if any requirement send email:-

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Have a chat with them to start with, and see if you feel comfortable with them and what they offer. Generally you'll be speaking with the principal or a partner, but they won't be doing the work, their staff will.

A couple of things to think about -

- are they a CA (Chartered Accountant) or CPA? They are the 2 major industry bodies that require completion of a course plus continual professional learning. If they are doing BAS or tax, they need to be a Registered BAS Agent or a Registered Tax Agent. You can also check this on the Tax Practitioners Board website It will also tell you how long they have been registered for.

- do they charge by the hour or give you a fixed price for an agreed upon amount (scope) of work.

- what do they require from you? How much work do you have to do (or are willing to do), and what systems do they have I'm place to make things easy for you?

At the end of the day, it comes down to who you feel comfortable with to do what you want/need, and (hopefully) that extra step for you.