How do I know which is the right web development firm?

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Andrew Nguyen

Andrew Nguyen, Business Development Manager at Advisible

Hi Morra

Great question

What type of Websites do we build?

AdVisible builds beautiful websites that have a powerful impact on your business. We don’t churn out thousands of websites like a factory production line; each website is handcrafted by our team of in-house designers and developers, so we maintain quality control and make sure the process is as streamlined and enjoyable as possible for you and your team. We’ll take care of every aspect of your website, so you can focus on growing your business.

Please message me for more information and samples of our work.

James Liddell

James Liddell, Owner at

Hi Guys,

This one is simple. You can do the basic research like, have they worked with people in my industry? Do they know my local area etc.

These are great as an initial vetting process, at some point you have to slim down the choices.


If you are a local provider, look for someone local, who may have some experience with your audience, who they are and how and why they buy.


Best tip is to get on the phone. Make contact somehow and see how receptive they are to you.

Communication is a huge part of getting your project done, and done the way you want it done. You will get a great read on this with your first few messages or conversations.

Does this designer have the time and will to help YOU?

Someone who is willing to look after what you need is the best fit every time.

Does your designer understand what a website is for you? Are they telling you the can create a clean design that looks great and has X amount of great features?


Does the designer ask you what you need the website to do? What are your goals? What does a successful site achieve for you and your business?

This is what you want from your designer.

A designer who understands a site is a tool, an investment that needs to make a return to earn it's keep is the one for you.

You can tell the designer who your audience is and how you want to engage them with your site.

A good designer listens to this and creates a site with you, to meet these goals.

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown


First you should review several firms for the following, positive customer testimonials, samples of their work, do they understand or have experience with your business industry and do they have project pricing or hourly pricing.

After finding some of that out, try to reach out to several of their previous clients for more detailed information. Next contact 2 to 3 firms for quotes. Be specific, tell them your goals and expectations (budget, timeline, type (blog, online store, online community, etc.)). Once you've received quotes back from those 2 or 3 firms, see which you feel the most comfortable with when reviewing it. Don't just base the decision on the price.