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Do You Think MYOB Is The Worst Accounting Package In The World?

MYOB is terrible! So slow, and the so-called revamped thing they're doing with the latest release, which is supposed to be making it quicker and more awesome, just makes it slower and more cumbersome to get anything done. And don't get me started on their attempt at 'one ledger' it's doomed to fail, no?


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Maria Mullane

Maria Mullane Director at Aspire Solutions

Michael I think you are missing the big picture.

ALL cloud enabled software will be slower than what we have become used to with our whizzy desktop products, and will be improved over time.  The first PCs were not as fast nor did they run as smoothly or have as many features as modern PCs do; this is the life cycle of any new technology.

What MYOB have done with AccountRight Live is quite revolutionary in that it is a hybrid product.  Desktop or Cloud - you choose.  It is new technology and I don't believe you are comparing apples with apples (MYOB being cloud ENABLED but still a desktop installation, versus other BROWSER based products which essentially have no functionality or processing power).

In my extensive experience as an accounting software consultant for SMEs, unless the end user requirements are minimal (GST and basic financials only) then based on functionality and reporting alone I would still favour MYOB AccountRight Live over any browser based product.

It would also pay to remember that MYOB accounting software is designed with the USER in mind, with the intention of making the business owner's life easier by providing functionality and reporting that is CUSTOMISABLE in order to be relevant to THEM - they are the ones using it after all, otherwise why have accounting software at all?



MYOB Official

Hi Michael,

This is Aishah from MYOB. Our cloud software, AccountRight Live, is slower than our full desktop version. We are working towards enhancing our speed and performance this year, so you will see an improvement later. With the current version, we do recommend a set of minimum hardware for it.

I’m sorry if you have had issues. If you need any assistance, please contact our support line or our social media support team on MYOB's FB and twitter


Tim Greig

Tim Greig Owner at Green Galah Pty Ltd

Horrible. Moved to Xero a while ago and it is miles ahead and is not slow in the cloud. Are people still on dial up or what?!

MYOB may have improved but it is a little too little too late. They displayed no leadership but sat on their ... until they saw the world passing them by.

I think I have made myself clear :-)

Pam Pitt

Pam Pitt Partner at Bookkeepers 4 u

Well, I can't quite comment on all the accounting software in the world!  But there is a very clear, unbiased assessment of MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks and Saasu on BusinessEEZ - I have accessed it through this link


as it is easy to navigate to the feature comparisons from this page.  Basically, it seems to be a case of horses for courses...different software suits different businesses.

Pam Pitt

Pam Pitt Partner at Bookkeepers 4 u

My clients are bigger sized businesses with complex payroll and inventory.  They have mainly used MYOB accounting software for over 15 years, many with ERP and POS add ons.   Similar software packages haven't been able to offer the same functionality for my clients, and certainly not for the price.

I haven't pushed them into Cloud Accounting - their current MYOB software suits their business needs.  I think they would rate MYOB as the best software in the world.!!  I will continue to put new clients onto MYOB when they have more complex requirements, knowing that they can use the software locally but having the option to put it on the cloud when required.

I will give MYOB the same amount of time to sort out their cloud offering as Quickbooks required when it went to SQL.  

Hitesh Mohanlal

Hitesh Mohanlal Director at WOW! Advisors & Business Accountants

Not my favourite. MYOB has been left behind by Xero and Quickbooks Online. Stay away from MYOB and look at the others

Dave Holmes

Yes. We moved to Xero.