Ubaid Iqbal

Asked this question on 23/8/16 -Business Planning

What are some ways to monetise a site like mine?

Hello Everyone, I am about to launch Guest Posting website, and My site niche is Tours on Bikes, as you see in my domain. My main question is how I earn money with my site, I setup Guest post option in my site, People share their blogs, Articles etc... for back link, but M still confuse how do i earn money with that site? Is adsense is Good for it? or should i go to some other options? Site is still not Launched m currently working on it. some of sections are still empty, But M sharing link. www.bikestours.com Please have a look and tell me how to earn money? Thanks

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Steve Osborne

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To me, you're asking the wrong question.

The question should have been: How do I get people to write guest posts for my tour guide/bike hire/camping supply business?

The people who made money out of every goldrush in history were the merchants selling shovels, not the diggers and prospectors.

Sagar harish

Sagar harish

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