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Do You Prefer To A Small Project Or Jump In With A Freelancer?

When starting to work with a new freelancer or consultant do you prefer to start with a small project (or piece of a project) or jump straight in with a full project. I've done both, but I'd like to hear some candid stories from the group.

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Steven Freeman

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Starting small as a test on skill, professionalism and attitude is the best first step.

The whole probation (or prove your worth) thing applies to most new contractor experiences, as it would in the traditional word too.

Laura Dang. Process improvement innovator

Laura Dang. Process improvement innovator Principal at

Small projects are probably the best when using contractors for me.

When you and your prospective colleague are both new to a relationship, small projects provide a low cost, low risk, time-bound opportunity for parties to clarify expectations, define boundaries and explore each other's strengths, weaknesses and expertise.

Everyone has different styles and skills... it's just about finding someone who works well with yours. An employment relationship is no different to any other relationship.