What are your marketing challenges in the new year?

Marketing Bee is currently creating a new site and also a new series of ebooks and workshops to help SME owners tackle their marketing.

The most recent feedback we have obtained from our last workshop included the following:

- Social media managemnet software is hard to use

- Difficulty to generate content continuously

- Lack of creative ideas

- Fear of being too adventurous

- "Marketing is too time consuming!"

- "We don't get any return from all our efforts."

- "We don't have a marketing plan and we don't know where to start."

- "We can't trust web designers and marketing agencies."

So what are your thoughts and challenges? How can we help?

Buzzing to hear!


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Peter Jones

Peter Jones, Founder at LinkSmart


I maybe unique. I have online businesses and when I come up with a new online product,
1. How do I price it as most are different to what is currently avaiable.
2. Most importantly, do I market as an online business selling a product or market as a type of franchise.

Point 2 raises a couple of issues. All my products are subscription so do I have people subscribing monthly or do I franchise and get money upfront and then a monthly 'retainer'?
I am still trying to get a happy medium and trying new formats.

Don't know is this is of any help but it is issues I have to face.


Sharon Latour

Sharon Latour, Queen Bee/CMO at

Top 10% Social Media

Hi Peter

Thanks for responding, it's great to hear about your business and thanks for sharing your challenges.

1. Regarding Pt1. understanting the levels of pricing you can place in your business and what your customers are ready to pay is possible with a solid business plan and a thorough marketing plan. Pricing strategies are usually created after market research and positioning are done, both help to establish a level of pricing which is adequate for your services and target market. These can be done through a marketing plan.

2. Going from a normal company/business to a franchise is a complicated and very involved process which would require a lot of planning, research and forecasting and although I would love to give you an exact answer, it is a bit hard to do so without knowing your company, financial goals, structure and more. May be you can send me some links and information at info@marketingbee.com.au and I will see how I can help.

Thanks again for sharing.

Feel free to add me on LinkedIn (Sha Latour) to connect.

Kind Regards