Is PR worth doing for small businesses?

In what ways do you think startups and small businesses can benefit from PR? 

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Tom Valcanis

Tom Valcanis, Copywriter at

Depends what you mean by PR - if you're a business that makes, let's say industrial rope - then clogging editors' and journalists' inboxes with releases about rope day in, day out won't help you any.

However, if you're creative and you can pitch interesting stats or insights into rope to an industry publication; let's say RopeBlogger - then that's worth a bit more.

With any good PR campaign, you have to look at who you are targeting, what return you're looking for (goodwill? brand recognition? sales?) and how you can measure your investment (with time or money.)

Jules Brooke

Jules Brooke, Founder and Director at author2audio

Yes Rick. It totally is! I have been teaching small business owners how to do their own PR for the last 7 years and have watched some of my students get publicity they had transformed their business. It gives your business credibility, increases word of mouth, it's free and it positions you as an expert if your product as a 'must have'. I would thoroughly recommend you give it a try. You just need to find your story if offer tips that will genuinely help people. Take a look at my website if you want to know how! PS. There is a whizz bang new website launching in about 3 weeks so if you register you'll get to try it out!!

Kate Yeng

Kate Yeng at Assignment Help

PR is important for the Small businesses to expand their reach and promote their services to the large pool of audience, for example if you are looking to serve customers beyond numerous cities, release a press to promote as you are not doing a common thing, i just post a press release explore it here

Tania Willett

Tania Willett, Owner and PR Consultant at TJW Public Relations

Yes, absolutely. Positive PR strengthens your business credibility and reputation. For start-ups and small businesses, having that added business credibility can be the extra boost needed that sets them apart from their competitors. If you go down the "DIY PR" path, you can achieve free publicity, unlike say, spending thousands of dollars on advertising. Feel free to take a look at my website where I regularly publish tips and advice on how small businesses can do their own PR.

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