Tania Willett
Tania Willett Owner and PR Consultant at TJW Public Relations

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Does anyone know of any retargeting / dynamic content software?

I am wondering if anyone is aware of a product (ideally open sourced) that can look at buyer/user behaviour, develop dynamic content for individual users and track how the individual user is progressing through the sales funnel. Ideally it should also have the ability for both retargeting ads and dynamic content. 

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Hamish Anderson

Hamish Anderson Founder and Director at Mesh Consulting

Hey Tania,

There are many different options out there, some of which are going to be more or less appropriate for you depending on your budget or the CMS you use.

A good solution for the dynamic content, Sales funnel, nurturing component of your question is Wishpond. Easy to use, powerful and good price and full of features (AB testing, pop ups, integrations etc). Of course there are solutions like hubspot, but these are pricey and often overpowered.

An alternative though one I do not have experience with is Leadsquared. Again It does what you are looking for I believe.

Was not sure what you meant by the ability for retargeting ads (that is more likely to be a code snippet on your site if I interpret correctly) though - sorry.

Without wanting to be too presumptive either, happy to discuss further if you like, or answer any other questions around this, or if needed help with any of the strategy.


Hamish Anderson

Hamish Anderson , Founder and Director at Mesh Consulting

By the way, sorry neither are open source, I have not come across a good one yet.