Rachael Marsden
Rachael Marsden Business Development Manager at Limoso Luxury Transport

Asked this question on 10/10/16 -Offline and Direct Marketing

What is the best way to market my business to EAs/PAs?

I would like to know what materials (at little or not cost) would be a good way to expose the company to EAs & PAs

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Lauren Hutchin

Lauren Hutchin Founder/ business manager at

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Hi Rachael,The EA/PA you're targeting probably gets hundreds of sales calls/emails and as a result probably already has a rejection wall built. I've got to say, it's damn hard work trying to sell/market to anybody unless you are helping them with a problem they currently have.If you genuinely think you can help them, the following idea will definitely warm up your potential client:Send them something in the post that doesn't look like a piece of 'junk mail'.-Mail is great because it isn't obtrusive. -It's that initial soft approach that's needed in the beginning stages of your sales cycle. -I've used clear envelopes, blank (un-printed/no branding) envelopes, kraft boxes and black shiny bubble bags. This way, you can at least give your mail a chance of being opened. Now what you put inside is important. Don't make your EA/PA think she's been tricked to open your mail!-Become the solution for your potential client, don't try and sell. -Nice giveaway that your EA/PA will use-Offer / call to actionAs an example: I have a 'launch-pad' with launching business tips on each page as a giveaway to any start-up that enquires. It's an A6 sized quality pad that has my branding on the cover and on each page. If you'd like any more info on this, feel free to contact me.I hope this helps you :)

Prosper Taruvinga

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Allow them to experience your product. That's the best way. I see you are in the transport industry? offer them a complementary trip. That way they will brag about it and recomend you to their bosses.