Is blogging an effective way to make money?

Basically, I love to write about my travels and food, but I'm wondering if I can monetize it. How should I go about doing it?

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Prosper Taruvinga

Prosper Taruvinga, Digital Marketing Expert at

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don't quit your day job just yet. If you are going to start your own blog, there is a lot of time, money and effort to be invested first before you start seeing a return.

You need to first figure out what or who your audience is. When you have done that, start creating content that they resonate with.

In the process when they start consuming your content, figure out a product they would like that you can sell for a commission.

Keep solving their problems with your content and being consistent. Figure out ways of growing your list, Create a product and then bill that list.

There is no overnight success.

Good luck with the travels and the blog.

If you do start it, tag me in it.