Are there any government grants for female business owners?

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Bruce Patten

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Good News Tamara. Australia provides many grants specifically for women in business. They include:

  • Women in Export Scholarship
    Austrade provide a scholarship valued at over $20,000 for women to attend the Harvard Business School “Disruptive Innovation – Strategies for a Successful Enterprise” port for women achieving international business success.
  • Women in Business
    A range of resources to assist and support women in business through the Women Entrepreneurs Online Network.
  • Women’s Leadership and Development Program
    Provides funding for one-off or small scale projects that contributes towards the implementation of the Women’s Workforce Participation Strategy and Women’s Safety on a national scale within Australia. Funding usually opens in December
  • National Women’s Alliances
    The National Women’s Alliances to ensure women’s issues and a diversity of women’s voices are represented in Australian Government decision-making and policy outcomes. Funding is available around mid-April annually
  • AgriFutures Australia – Rural Women’s Award
    Provides a grant of $10,000 to provide a platform to inspire and support Australian women to use and develop their skills to benefit their industries and communities.
As well as these there are many other grants that are not gender specific that provide grant support for specific industries or defined activities.  

Bruce Patten

Bruce Patten, Director at

Until 14 April 2020 Australian female business owners can apply for a grant of up to $480,000 through the Boosting Female Founders program. Don't laugh, but it is referred to as BFF. Details are at We are already helping several female business owners get a BFF

Jane Jones

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Thanks for the detail here @Bruce Patten 

Melanie Gray

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There are unlikely to be Australian government grants for female business owners.

If your business revolves around something involved with the following, then there may be a grant out there for you

- youth

- community

- innovation

- people with disabilities

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

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Here in the United States we do have a variety of grants for related business owners.

The categories for grants are typically:



Female & Minority

Military Veteran (male or female)

Non-profit business sectors

John Eustace

John Eustace at Bells and Whistles Marketing

Female business owners can apply for any Government Grant in Australia. Gender is not a determining factor for eligibility or awarding the grant.

Steve Wilson

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a great source you can use is a the following website (Federal Govt Grants)

You can go in and search for grant opportunities for your industry or for females, sign up and get notifications on current opportunities and those coming up. I use this for my clients in case an opportunity comes up in their fields of industry and have already applied for my clients in education training programs, Aboriginal community grants and construction.

Bruce Patten

Bruce Patten, Director at

Top 10% Business Grants

Unfortunately just knowing about a grant does not create a successful application. That only comes with expertise and experience. The number of companies that waste their time applying unsuccessfully for a grant is astounding. The information they provide in the application usually gives the reasosn for not approving it. By all means find a grant, but then find a grants SPECIALIST (not an accountant or consultant that does other things) who has the confidence in their ability to prepare your winning application for just a success fee. No win, no fee.

One of the best sites for grant information in Australia is 
Steve's suggestion of is a site similar to