How do I know if using a kickstart is the way to go?

I am thinking of crowdfunding a certain project I have in mind, but I am not sure if this will be enough. How can I do it effectively?

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Joel Warren

Joel Warren, Designer & Strategic Marketter at Wiild Interactive

I haven't had direct experience with this but some of the ideas I've heard from successful crowd funding campaigns:

  • Invest in a video that tells your story about your product
  • Consider running a marketing campaign while you are running the kickstarter campaign - social ad buy seems the most obvious
  • Encourage everyone that you know, in batches across each day of your kickstarter campaign to donate at least something - I've heard that the featured kickstarter projects are based on a day to day number of backers (doesn't matter the amount they back)
  • Aim to get in the popular or new & noteworthy categories everyday

Let us know if you end up putting up a campaign, and goodluck