How do I choose the best web hosting company?

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Meng Lin

Meng Lin, Co-founder at

"Best web hosting" will be subjective based off your own website's needs.
There are 4 different categories of website hosting:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Hosting (VPS)
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud based hosting

For most people that have a single website with lowish traffic (less than 10,000 visits a day), than the cheapest and most popular solution is going to be Shared Hosting or Cloud Hosting. For Shared Hosting you will want to find a provider that has their servers located as physically close to you as possible. So for a website in Australia, you'll want to find a host that has their servers IN Australia. You can even take this mentality down to a State level (It also helps in terms of contact hours for hosting support).

Unlike Shared Hosting, where your website will be stored and run off a single server that's shared with other websites, Cloud Hosting runs off a network of servers, which means that it is less likely that someone can crash your website via a DDOS attack or similar because your website isn't relying on a single server to handle its load.

Steven Freeman

Steven Freeman at

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Ask your web designer or IT helpfer if you are using one. Google search can be risky as you'll be flooded and the top ranking ones may not correlate to the best solution for you.When you have narrowed down a couple options normally you can dig up some feedback from various business and web hosting forums.

Brad Lyons

Brad Lyons, Consultant at

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webhosting is cheap. as Meng said, depends on the number of visitors you believe you will have.

Most webhosting packages will give you unlimited email addresses, disk space and pretty much everything unlimited. You need to read the fine print though as "Unlimited" doesn't mean unlimited. There are limits however they are pretty high. You will not need anymore than 20gb in most cases unless you want a really big database loaded on your hosting and plan on having a lot of emails and images/video's hosted on your account also.

So as long as you are getting 20gb of hosting space you will be fine. Generally the hosting account would cost you about $10 or less per month for "unlimited"

That should come with Cpanel (not cpanel lite or anything cheap like that) and also a tone of free programs.