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Does anyone have issues with Facebook sponsored ads?

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Hi Fellow SavvySME members and social media experts,

As of late, I've noticed my sponsored/targeted ads on Facebook are being engaged by what seems to be fake or click farm profiles. They think they're being clever by having "from Australia" in the about section, but they are all names from places like India and Jakarta and the photos on their profile look completely created. 

Anyone else had this?


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Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt Owner at Startup Chucktown



I haven't personally experienced this myself, however, it doesn't surprise me. Much of this topic is usually (unfairly) directed at Twitter. However, I can tell you from personal experience that Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn all have fake users trying to build up fake profiles. At the low risk end of the spectrum it compromises the powerful of the social network and on the high end can compromise your personal information or identity.

The bummer is, this effect is even more harmful to small businesses because they are relying on these types of ads to bring in new traffic and revenue. I hope they get it sorted out for the sake of all small businesses.

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