Chirag Ahmedabadi
Chirag Ahmedabadi at AppliView Technologies

Why isn't my website coming up on Google search results?

I have been working on getting my website up on Google's search results for the last 6 months but it isn't working. What must I do to get my website ranking on Google search results?

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Steve Kay

Steve Kay, Digital Marketing Expert at Local SEO Expert

Hi Chirag, you've already been given some very actionable advice. Here's my 2 cents.

Things you are doing right:
1. You have a blog and post regularly
2. You are using SSL encryption
3. Your on-page optimisation is not too bad - you have proper Titles and Descriptions in place

Things you could improve:
1. Your backlink profile is quite spammy.
You have hundreds of low-quality websites (article directories, business directories)  linking to you with words like "hr software", "human resource software", "applicant tracking software" and others. This is called "anchor text over-optimisation" and can lead to your website being penalised by Google. I would suggest using a Disawov Tool in your Google Search Console to get rid of most of these low-quality links. 
2. Focus on getting high-quality links instead.
From industry publications, Quora, client testimonials, etc.
3. As others have mentioned, you're not using H1 header tags.
This is where Google looks at to understand what a page is about
4. If you know who your target audience is (HR Managers/directors, etc.), why not target them using Facebook Ads?
Choose the location and use their Job Titles to narrow down your target audience
5. When it comes to blogging, focus on quality, not quantity.
Blog less often, but make each post amazing - add relevant images, graphs, stats. And, most importantly, reach out to people interested in this industry and let them know about your post. If they like it, they will share it, and you'll get traffic and a backlink in return

Bridget Holland

Bridget Holland, Director at

What have you been doing which is not working? Without knowing that it's hard to give advice.
I'm assuming your on-page SEO is reasonable, but on-page SEO alone won't work. A couple of simple SEO-related questions:

What search terms do you want to rank for?
For example, I searched on 'applicant tracking software'. All results on page one of Google have a Moz Domain Authority of 40+. Your DA is 26. Until you can build DA, you're not going to rank for this keyword.
But if I search on 'Australian applicant tracking software' then some results on page one have much lower DA. (11, 19, 24). This is an option where you stand a chance of competing. There will be fewer searches (I haven't checked how many), but it's better to be on page one for a small number of searches than page 2 or 3 for a large number of searches.

Have you been doing outreach and building links?
Links to your site - especially from other sites with high DA - go a long way to increasing rankings. But spammy links will decrease your ranking.

BTW, is ranking in Google really your top priority? If you need more business fast, a better bet might be Adwords or Facebook marketing. Both give results faster. And Adwords will help give you some ideas on potential keywords for your organic SEO.

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

Great answer and advice.

John Rosato

John Rosato, Digital Marketing Manager at

First off - great response Bridget! Chirag, you're competing in a VERY competitive space.

Competing on terms like 'HR Software' or 'Applicant Tracking Software' are going to be out of your reach in the short term. You may find focussing on terms like "applicant tracking system for small business" or "applicant tracking system for schools" may be a better use of your time as you won't be competing with as many 'big dogs'.

It's important that you use well-written title tags, a H1 (which is currently missing from the home page) and some solid content which speaks to what applicant tracking software is and how it will help your audience. A fellow Australian start up, do a great job here.

Not only that, but I can see some 'spammy' SEO practices taking place including some poor quality link building using exact match anchor text like 'HR Software' - this isn't helping.

I'd say you have two options if you're looking to compete in search:

  1. If you have some budget find an SEO or agency that can help you put all the best-practices in place, drive you to create some really solid content & promote your business in all the right places. As a starting point, a directory like Capterra would be an absolute no-brainer!
  2. The Moz Beginner Guide is a great place to start to learn what you could and should be doing to optimise your site. While their views are very much 'best practice' driven (which sometimes misses what is ACTUALLY working) it's by far the best place to start.

Hope that helps,


Melanie Gray

Melanie Gray, Managing Owner at

Top 10% Insurance

This is the SEO Google Starter Guide.

If you have already done all of this over the last six months, it is likely you are competing for the first page with many other businesses that invest lots of time and money into SEO.

In a nutshell, you have to have a great working and looking website with great content to even have a chance at ranking well.

If you are in a competitive market, you need to invest more money and time than your competitors.

Be very cautious paying ongoing monthly fees for SEO services.

Marc Shaffer

Marc Shaffer, CEO at

SEO Search Engine Optimization. If you are a neophyte, the best thing would be to hire an SEO company.

If not, you can search Google for SEO hints and tips. And make sure you have a good list of "key words" pertaining you your company.

Nidhi Singh

Nidhi Singh

I think you should try for SEO.

Hogan Technologies

Hogan Technologies

First, redesign your web pages into SEO friendly. Means add the keywords at the first phrase in the paragraph, heading tags. These are the 2nd and important step which search engines capture.

Next, apply meta tags to introduce the website to search engines. What your company name, what you do and what are the keywords best describe your or your company.

At last pay for advertising on search engines.

Terry Chadban

Terry Chadban, Founder/Manager at Port Macquarie Online Marketing

Also your website is not mobile-friendly, which is a BIG factor in Google rankings now!

Brad Lyons

Brad Lyons, Consultant at

You need to change your website content. Doing a search on Google and your website doesn't appear. Looking at your website and there is a lot of content on there however no text that says applicant tracking software, only an image.

Look at what people are searching when coming across your website and your competitors. login to your cpanel and look at the visitor stats and traffic. Where are people coming from and what searches are they doing in Google.

Pay for adwords for a month to get an idea of what keywords people are using. Look at your competitors websites and see what content they have.

If you want to hit the front page of Google content will get you there. No need to spend a lot of money paying someone to do it for you unless you don't have the time. Content is the only thing I do to get my websites on the front page.

Another way to get and retain good ranking is news articles. The more high value domains that link back to you the higher your ranking will be.

First thing I would do is look at content though. That makes a massive difference!