What do I need to include in a tax invoice?

Asked by Sarah Irwin SME Community Director at SavvySME

Are there any important items or important information that I need to include on my tax invoice for my business?

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George Grimekis CPA Accountant at Giannakos & Co Pty Ltd

Hi Sarah

Generally you need to include 7 items on tax invoices.

For sales less than $1,000:

1) Need to show document is intended to be a tax invoice (usually done by showing the words TAX INVOICE at the top)

2) Your identity

3) Your ABN

4) The date you issued the invoice

5) A description of items including quantity sold (if applicable) and the price

6) The GST amount if any

7) The extent to which each sale on the invoice includes GST

For sales over $1000 you also need to include:

8) The buyers identity or ABN

Clicking on the below link also gives you A.T.O guidance on how to set out invoices.

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It's amazing how many businesses don't even shown their ABN on their Tax Invoice. Maybe the ATO should provide a must use template.
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