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January Discussion | What motivates YOU?

The beginning of a new year is a great time to reevaluate your priorities and to make plans. 

  • How do you motivate yourself to succeed?
  • Do you have a daily ritual for motivation?
  • Is there someone in particular who motivates you?

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Miriam Miles

Miriam Miles Founder at Resonate - Online Presence Development

What motivates me is having a 'why' for what I am spending my time and energy on. Without this I lose track and get easily distracted. It can also impact my desire to be involved in a project,so it really is the core of everything I do.

But I think that the topic of motivation is more complex than just a simple answer can provide. It's about understanding how to stay motivated as well because motivation is key to any project being completed and this includes even being in the roles that we have. Without it, I think it's vital to reflect and work out what's changed, if anything, and reassess what we are doing and why our motivation has lessened.

Even though I know that my 'why' is the foundation for being motivated on something, there are a few core things that help to establish that motivation and even though they may not seem directly related to business, they are vital to keep the motivation flowing and consistent.

  • Understand the 'why' behind what I am putting my time and energy into. Without a clear idea of why I am doing something I quickly lose interest and find myself frustrated and unproductive.
  • Regularly assess the balance between my work and personal life. This is vital to maintain motivation. I tire easily and need to make sure that I am doing a little bit consistently rather than big blocks of work in quick succession. If my physical health is out of balance, I won't maintain the work load and the motivation will drop.'
  • Check in with trusted advisors/ mentors on a regular basis. Being accountable to others who have more experience than me is crucial to helping me stay on track. Since motivation is the foundation of getting things done for me, this helps ensure that I am not wandering off to new ideas at a whim and actually finishing my work! It also ensures that if things are regularly going off track, there is someone else keeping an eye on it and they can help me assess if what I am doing is still relevant, needs to be redefined or has to change.
  • Ultimately if you don't feel a sense of purpose in what you are investing in there's a good reason right there to stop and reflect.

    George Grimekis CPA

    George Grimekis CPA , Accountant at Alpha Omega Accounting & Business Solutions

    Excellent Response!!!!
    Sarah Irwin

    Sarah Irwin SME Community Director at SavvySME

    I am always motivated to strike through the list in my notebook.

    I am a self confessed stationary addict and a extreme list maker. Nothing motivates me more than the ability to cross out a line on my list.

    I also am motivated by the success of the businesses I have been a part of throughout my career. Seeing previous companies going from strength to strength really drives me forward. Especially when I was a part of their start up in the earlier days. What a buzz!

    Simon Smith

    Simon Smith , Owner at

    Success and growth. You never receive praise as CEO or a hug or even a pat on the back so you are left with measurable figures.
    Jef Lippiatt

    Jef Lippiatt Owner at Startup Chucktown

    I'm motivated by the act of creating. I have a variety of ventures and hobbies that are all about making things for myself, friends and customers.

    I'm driven by my own internal passion. I've wanted to be a Renaissance man since I first heard about that period in time (I was roughly 12 or 13 years old). I have a constant need to learn things and once I've learned, I do my best to pass that knowledge on through conversations, business ventures and mentoring.

    A main goal of mine is to take others to success with me. I'm very motivated to help others succeed, because I don't want to be a lone survivor, but part of a great group of people regardless of if we all work together on a daily basis.