How can I get more customers into my cafe?

I have a cafe in an industrial area and I get my regulars but want to get more feet in the door.

Are there any ideas for getting more customers?

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Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne director at

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Tell us what you've tried already, and what results you had.

For instance, the usual promotional methods of letterbox drops, in-person visits, weekly specials, free delivery, appropriate signage, online ordering etc. all have an important place. Each should be tested and measured.

But if they've all been tried with little or no success, you will need to look deeper into the fundamentals of the business, your menu, location constraints and your target market.

Simon Smith

Simon Smith Owner at

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As it is a physical business that is location based you can't go past letterbox drops and specials of certain items on slower days of the week. Such items should be partial meals or 2 for 1 so they are not abused. Remember in business cost is secondary to monopoly and reputation

Greg Rogers

Greg Rogers Founder and CEO at REthink HQ

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Always a $64k question in business.

I agree with Steve that without a little more information it is a little hard to give some real concrete advice, and I would reiterate the comment about whatever you do make sure you measure it!

If you are looking to take business away from a competitor look at what they are doing and either replicate it (but in a better way) identify something that they don't do (differentiate) or best of all.....ask the people with the real knowledge...your customers!

When they choose you, why? What makes them step across your doorway?

What would make them purchase more and more often?

If the answer is something you can do more of, then scale it.

Conversely don't be afraid to also ask what they don't like, then as opposed to the above, stop it, don't do it anymore!

Hope this helps, the first step though is to have some information (fact) to base a decision on, as Steve said, you do this by measurement.