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What's the difference in domain name endings like .tv and .me?

I'm not sure why I would buy these domain names.

Jacqui Pryor

Jacqui Pryor, Director at

This could depend on who you ask or where you look for an answer!

.me is the top level domain for Montenegro and .tv is the top level domain for Tuvulu. But these days they are recognised more so as:

.tv - often seen as the 'television' domain so sites with this domain would likely include video content or streaming content etc.

.me - often used for personal blogs, pages and sites "individualname.me". Can be registered to pretty much anyone anywhere so don't have to have  a business registration etc like you might with a .au name.

David De Vries

David De Vries, Director at Ytelco Pty Ltd

These are ccTLDs (Country Code Top Level Domain) and refer to the top level domain for a specific country eg .au = Australia, .nz = New Zealand and .us = United States.

TLDs (Top Level Domains) are non country specific eg .com, .net and .org

Others such as .asia are sponsored TLDs.

Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson, CEO at Blogging.org

I would personally stay away from any domain names that are COM, NET or ORG. Everything else is just a marketing upsell and no one really uses them. Just search in Google for example... nearly all of the sites ranking will have the domain endings like the ones above.

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