How do I market for Valentines Day?

Anyone use Valentines day in their marketing? I have done Valentines day marketing before but I'm not sure if its worthwhile or  whether I am just doing it the wrong way. I have had a slight take up on the Valentine specials but nothing comparable to the time and effort to the return for my business.

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Lauren Hutchin

Lauren Hutchin, Founder/ business manager at

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Hi there,

Like John mentioned, it really does depend on your business.

Themes like Valentines Day are predominantly suited to businesses that directly relate to gifts and activities a consumer would purchase or be involved in specifically for Valentines Day. Examples of business who would benefit by engaging in marketing activities based around a Valentines day theme would be:


-Chocolatier/sweets company

-Overnight stay venue


-Jewellery stores

For marketing to be successful you will need to have a specific goal.

If I had a florist, I would advertise my business widely and make my business top of mind for when Valentine's Day approaches.

How? Again, depends on your business and your market. Think of ways to stand out and don't get lost in all of the advertising clutter.

Feel free to reach out for specific help!

John Eustace

John Eustace, Principal / Communications and Media Strategist at Bells and Whistles Marketing Pty Ltd

Whilst you remain anonymous it is impractical to deliver meaningful
answers to your question. Respondents have no idea whether you are a florist, an up-market restaurant or supply industrial lubricants to the mining industry. Not all businesses are relevant to Valentine’s Day marketing activities.

The most effective way to get some relevant responses is to provide examples of your previous efforts together with their results. Then there are many here that can add significant value for an identified enterprise in a defined market sector.