Where can I find motivational products to use as a giveaway?

I am looking for low cost (or free) motivational items to give away to encourage people to subscribe to my BLOG. There is no end to regular giveaways available, but finding something linked to motivation is a challenge. I have tried Source Bottle and received a few ideas - mostly out of left field.

Ideally they will come from Australia.

Any ideas?

Greg Ferrett

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Chris Le Roy

Chris Le Roy Founder at One-on-One Professoinal Business Training

Gregory, I have a few motivational things you can give away if you want. I have developed some Goals Cheat Sheets, Daily Time Logs etc in PDF format that you could use if you would like.

I am happy to joint brand them if you are interested or send some samples over.

Chris Le Roy
Managing Director
One-on-One Professional Business Training

Gregory Ferrett

Hi Chris, thanks for this. If they are PDF files perhaps you could email them to me and we can talk about cobranding.

Julie Ashton

Julie Ashton Founder and lead trainer at Unison Training

Hi Greg,  Creating your own products is best as already suggested.  I would also check out sites such as Clickbank, Amazon, e-Bay and also affiliate products from JVZoo There is a multitude of self help and motivational products out there so browse around and see what works well for your business.  This may also help you identify what is missing when developing your own.  When producing your own, try videos and e-books.  They are easy and cost effective to produce Coach Julie Dynamic Business Academy

Gregory Ferrett

Good point Julie. I plan to do some work in this area over this long weekend. I will report back to the subscribers to this question.

Sandy Moore

Sandy Moore Owner and Online Strategist at

Top 10% Website

Hi Greg, I usually suggest to my clients that they package their own product and after taking a quick look at your site it seems that this would also be possible for you.

As your site is about motivation as stated by your opening line on your website as follows:- "Each Monday a brief motivational message is posted focusing on a single sales or business building skill, along with a single action point, for individuals to use during the week to help develop this skill into a regular habit. Take just a few minutes to change your week."

A simple collection of your motivational messages including the single action point mentioned above,  would be a brilliant give away via your optin box. Choose a motivational Title and have the people from Fiverr.com to turn your content into a book with a topical cover.

Many new marketers don't find value in their own work and wouldn't dream of doing this, however I say let your reader be the judge. You will know soon enough if your motivational book is doing the trick by the amount of new subscribers to your list.

As your blog and business grow you can update your book to a 2nd Edition.... This is the way many of the top marketers online produce their first product.

Gregory Ferrett

Hi Sandy, thanks for the gentle reminder. I have considered making them into a book once there were enough posts. I should also sell my own bookon the BLOG rather than just linking to Amazon.