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Will Facebook really help drive sales in my business?

I hear that some businesses get sales and traffic from Facebook and swear by it, but others say it's a horrible place to do business because people just want freebies. What is your experience using Facebook Business?

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Russell Allert

Russell Allert, Founder & CEO at Baked SocialMedia

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I might be a tad biased but I wouldn't be a social media marketer if it didn't work. You just need to know how to go about it. Many business owners seem to have this idea that if they build a Facebook page they will all of a sudden have instant customers.

The truth is that it takes about 6-12 months to build a good community on Facebook and during this time you need to put in the effort required to keep it going. And by that I mean posting regularly, getting to know your fans, and keeping them entertained and educated.

So, yes, it can work, but you need to work at it.


Gosia Slotala

Gosia Slotala, Marketing Manager at

I personally have a hard time with Facebook and Twitter. No matter what I do, I can't drive engagement. I'm not selling anything, as our products and services are not really marketable through social media, but I do want to build a community. I understand Social Media as a forum for value add so I've posted interesting articles, links, thought provoking questions, and even pictures and the response rate is extremely low if not non-existent. When I look at similar business or other businesses which don't necessarily sell 'cute' or 'visual' products they do seem to have engaged followers and I must say it makes me a bit jealous.  So to answer your question, I've tried everything and have not noticed a result. This is the Shelcom FB Page , maybe someone will have some tips or insight...

Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

Hi Gosia, I've liked your Facebook page and love the content. There are so really good though provoking posts. I find that engagement is a tough thing - especially on Facebook. With the new changes only 10% of my audience actually SEE the post so with a Facebook fan base of say 1,300 only 130 see the post and then maybe 10% of them click like or react to it. So that leaves about 13 likes on a Fan base of 1,300. I think to increase any engagement Facebook requires me to pay for ads or promote my post. I've found a slight increase in engagement. The best engagement drives involve sponsored or paid posts. When I used to work with large brand pages, we used to pay for a lot of the engagement. It would cost us up to 1,000 a month budget. I guess if you are really serious about it and you feel you get value you can set aside some budget for ads, even $50 a month and you will see a slight increase in engagement. In addition I believe it's a numbers game, if you expect about 10% to see it and 10% to like it, you can then work out how many fans you need to get the engagement you desire.

Gosia Slotala

Gosia Slotala, Marketing Manager at

Thanks for the like and the feedback Wendy. Yes, engagement has definitely dipped in the last 3 months or so. I'm not sure I'm willing to spend my budget on paid advertising on FB. It won't bring me conversion. I'd rather put the money towards an AdWords campaign. I have good conversion with Google. This does beg the question then, is FB worth the time I put in? I'm not sure I'm getting much from it in terms of even brand building and brand recognition. This is a tough nut to crack for my industry.

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Cate Scolnik

Cate Scolnik, Chief Sanity Saver at

Facebook is a great place to provide helpful marketing (hence the freebies). It's a social platform, so hard sell advertising and post don't work nearly as well as helpful content.

The key is to provide content that your ideal customer WANTS to read, to interact strategically with other business, and to advertise effectively.

Facebook can also be a great convincer. If someone is looking for services and they see your website, say, and then look at your social media then that feed can be the thing that convinces them to buy from you.

I have a number of businesses that I help with social and some of them don't advertise at all, but they still get growth AND they know that Facebook brings in business regularly. If you're a local business you may have to ask people what made them call your, or how they found you, but I know it drives sales in the businesses I help. 

So, yes it really does drive sales in your business - if you do it right. ;-)

Jenny Spring

Jenny Spring, Managing Director at Spring Into Sales

You can absolutely get traffic from Facebook.

However, as you build your Facebook audience you want to be clear about a few things:

1. who is your target market. Only attract those Likers, and don't get the bargain hunters

2. remember to create sales, you will need to drive them over to become email subscribers.

If you consider that the engagement on Facebook is a 'wooing' time, where they are checking you out and vice versa, then when they feel confident, they are likely to be confident about joining your email list. From here you move into a different form of marketing which has direct revenue results.

Facebook is an excellent platform for daily converations x 2. A place to guage what your customers are thinking, and also to push out information to test it out. Maybe a new product release? A possible product? A new market area? So you can use Facebook to gain a lot of insight, while at the same time the customer can be deciding whether you are trustworthy.

Natwar Maheshwari

Natwar Maheshwari

I think it hugely depends on your business and authenticity of your fan base. 

For example, I see brand pages with millions of likes and minimal engagement on their posts. I also see brand pages with limited fan base and really good engagement on their Facebook pages. So, as I said depends on business and organic likes. 

I totally agree with Russell, that it takes time to build your audience, but you can always test things on your page. And I recommend constantly testing. Post pictures and ask people if they want to buy, ask them to just comment "Buy" on the product image and you can personally send them invoices, this is all Lean Methodology and this process will be your MVP (minimal viable product). At least you will know if your fans are interested in your products or not.

Try this with different products, at different times, also try "Facebook Promote" post function, I have never been disappointed with this feature.

You can also try a free Facebook store and see if it drives sales at all. 

Disclaimer: I work for a company which builds Facebook stores.