Tim Greig
Tim Greig Owner at Green Galah Pty Ltd

Has anyone had any success with telemarketing?

Especially in Australia and in particular for a cleaning or service company or similar?

Sandy Moore

Sandy Moore, Owner and Online Strategist at

Telemarketing is generally related to cold calling.... I don't know about you Tim but if you are anything like the people I speak to in business daily.... they are totally fed up with people cold calling trying to sell them something.

I personally feel this method of marketing would detrimental to my business and I would not advise my clients to choose this method.

I would however advise that businesses should use email marketing to capture leads and new prospects into their business via an auto responder. There are many ways to offer value to your prospective clients using this method and that's another story.

When a prospective client opts in to your free giveaway or newsletter you can also provide the option for them to leave their phone number. When they leave their number they are giving you the authority to call them.

Wouldn't you rather call people who are actually interested in what your business has to offer?  Knowing that the response rate will be much higher than cold calling someone that has never heard of you.... I would always opt for the shoe in the door strategy and always find a positive response using this method.

Tim Greig

Tim Greig, Owner at Green Galah Pty Ltd

Thanks Sandy. I'm not a big fan of TM myself. I have noticed is much easier to get telephone numbers than email addresses so that probably leaves me with getting someone on to building a DB of targeted' email addresses. As I am not really targeting by type of business (e.g. Accountants) but by area this gathering of email addresses is proving harder every day. Few people give them out! I have done the newletter/offer thing before. No problem with that. Building a DB is the challenge. Appreciate your feedback.

Gregory Ferrett

Gregory Ferrett, Editor at Monday Motivational Moment

Top 10% Marketing

Sandy is right, so you need someone who knows the way to create leads using the telephone.

I (and others I know) have had a lot of success with Ashleigh Hoult at 'The PromoDonna' - a small boutique telemarketing company focusing on providing a service for micro to small businesses who sell B2B (not B2C). She is based in Frankston 0419 590 752 and mention my name.

You may recognise her name as she is a part time actor in Neighbours as well.

Greg Ferrett

Tim Greig

Tim Greig, Owner at Green Galah Pty Ltd

Thanks Greg. I've left a message for her.