What would you do if your brand was caught up in a PR scandal?

I am currently listing down all the possible scenarios that my prospective business idea could face and I'm hoping to gain some insights from people here.

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Marlon Muya

Marlon Muya, Founder and Owner at Casino Financing

I just want to share my two cents with this one. I had an experience that is somewhat related to what happened to them but not that big.

The issue was a rivalry between two employees who took their argument on social media. It was unstoppable, and locals started tagging our business as " home of ****."

The outrage went on for just a few weeks. I didn't want our business to be known that way, so I had to move quickly and do what I got to do, I've initiated a couple of programs that amplifies our brand's core values, ran contests and hired a few local influencers that helped us revive our brand.

But for this one, this is pretty bad, not cool at all, and would be hard to restore their brand image.

Apparently, their issue has been going on in the past few weeks, and it looks like their previous clients who experienced "overbooking" has started sharing their personal experience.

They are totally damaged.

Saw this on LinkedIn and this kind of statements are harsh:

It's like their new value proposition is

"We stand United and heavy-handed if passengers are dead."

Hatty Bell

Hatty Bell, Community Manager at

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