Suzzelle Matillano
Suzzelle Matillano Travel Consultant at Travel Counsellors

Business Management

How do you keep in touch with your network/connections?

As a small business owner I'm curious to see how others do this and what has worked well for your business in generating leads and referral business.

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Damir Butkovic

Damir Butkovic, Director at Damir Butkovic

Hey Suzzelle,

It comes to you personal preference an mix, I believe. For me it works the best in person or phone. I am in coaching business so it is crucial to meet the person first then go from there. Build a relationship, do what you say and so on..

Peter Jones

Peter Jones, Founder at LinkSmart


I go to a number of Meetups/Eventbrite meetings and find once you have been 3-4 times I am able to take the conversations 'off line' and go and have coffee etc. Then you can start your networking. Works for me.


Rosie Shilo

Rosie Shilo, Owner at

Combination of online, email, phone and face to face. I think it needs balance and each connection has their own style and preference. I do have a newsletter too which touches base with my client list.