Cherie Gillette
Cherie Gillette Business Development at Australian Accountants

What is the best way to advertise commercial office spaces?

What is the best way and where to advertise a couple of spare offices we have available for rent on our floor? We have a whole floor of a building in Chatswood and it's too big for us. So we have a couple of offices that we can rent out. I'm not sure how to advertise the spare offices as they are internal offices and the local real estate won't help. Any suggestions?

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Chris Le Roy

Chris Le Roy, Founder at One-on-One Professoinal Business Training

The best way is definitely on but it can be expensive.  A cheaper option is on Gumtree.  It sounds crazy but is definitely an option that has worked. The other option you should look at is setting it up as serviced offices... you could charge a higher rate and there are always businesses looking for that type of service or a training room.  Our accountants did this years ago and it was very profitable for them. If you do set it up as a serviced office, make sure you inform your local chamber cause they often get enquiries for that sort of office.

David Bradbury

David Bradbury, Founder & CEO at

We have used a range of sites with good success when we have had over capacity on our offices.

First one is Australian in Front, listing cost is just $5:

Second is focused on creative space:

Third and in agreement with Chris above, Gumtree was surprisingly good and competitively priced.

We found the sub leasing worked best when the company or individuals sub leasing had an affiliated business to ours, that way we both benefited way beyond the commercial leasing arrangement.

Peter Jones

Peter Jones, Founder at LinkSmart


Hope you get a tenant from above but I agree that Gumtree is a good option.


Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

Top 10% Advertising

Hi Cherie, I know someone who is looking to lease some space in Chatswood. Will forward your query to them.


Peter O'Donnell

Peter O'Donnell, Presenter, Coach, educator at Thriving Tribe

Strange as it may sound places like this, and gumtree, and small classified adds in Your local paper...Good Luck