David Bradbury
David Bradbury Founder & CEO at

Can anyone recommend a good cloud based customer support app?

Does anyone have experience selecting a cloud based Customer Support App, such as Zen Desk, Fresh Desk or Desk.com? Which should I choose and why?

Michaela Clark

Michaela Clark, Virtual Assistant at mi virtual pa

Hi David

I find that Zen Desk is one of the best, just due to the amount of features it has on offer and ease of use.   I love that you can record phone calls with customers and save the recording against the support ticket.  Plus it has a lot third party applications, especially useful for CRM programs. 

Would love to know how you go with whatever program you choose. 

Happy supporting!


David Bradbury

David Bradbury, Founder & CEO at

Michaela hi and thanks for your feedback. We have opted to go with desk.com from salesforce  as it has some unique features we are interested in deploying and the API looks really user friendly. We intend to trial it for 3 months and then re access. Ill keep you in the loop on how we go.

thanks again, David