How do you build a repeatable business model?

In an online world, what strategies would one employ to keep users engaged and coming back to your site?

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Kevin Dam

Kevin Dam, Digital Marketing Strategist at

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Hi Shane,

Engaging users is one of the tricky parts of business, especially in an online world.

Since it is much easier for businesses to start up due to lower overheads, competition is rife!

My suggestion to you is to build a brand that employs a journey for the user so that they have to keep coming back to get the rest of the story, and/or read the next chapter. There is no specific business model for this as it can be moulded to suit any business.

There are such things as 'opening loops' - essentially it is starting the beginning of a sub-plot and not finishing it off until a later date. You only have to think of popular tv series such as "Lost" or "24" to understand what I mean. The end of the episode keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat wanting to know what happens next.

If your product/service is for perishable goods, then making sure you announce or make known that you have new products available soon is one way to get people to come up. Similar to opening a loop, a teaser of the next products to come, maybe showing 4 out of 12, can get users to come back.

There are many more ways to engage users but that should help you thinking on the right track.

Humans are curious creatures and we like to finish off what we start so use that to your advantage.

Johnny Smoked

Johnny Smoked

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