Are Google Remarketing Ads paying off for your business?

Just about every web site and blog I am visiting a SavvySME Google Ad appears in various shapes and sizes. Could we have some insight into how well these ads are working to drive visits and gain sign ups. How did you find the keywords for your ads? Did you outsource the setup of your ads or did you go it alone? Are you pleased with how the ads are working?

I occasionally dabble into Google ads, but more months they are turned off than on. 

Anyone else seeing these ads everywhere?

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Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

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Hi Dave,I set up the ads on our google adwords account. We are paying about 1.37 a click but the point of the re-marketing ads are more about impressions and branding, e.g. "I see you everywhere" essentially makes you look larger then you are online. remarketing ads are slightly different to google ads in that they only come up once you have been onto our site. From the cookie that's installed in your computer we can then serve up "reminder" ads for the next 30 days. These are much more cost effective than the normal google ads and promotes brand recognition.We are paying around 0.1 cents per impression which is pretty cost effective, so for about $86 we are getting over 71k impressions. Would love to see if anyone has gotten any cheaper :)Because these ads are served up based on whether you are a visitor to our site there is no keywords, however you can choose at which page on your site that the user needs to visit in order to start seeing these ads.I'm assuming they are working quite well because we've gotten this comment quite a few times :)

Brian Jo

Brian Jo , GM at

Nice insight into remarketing - some points I havent considered before.
Bridget Holland

Bridget Holland , Director at

Interesting. I assumed these were behavioural-based, which they are, but then assumed the goal was to get people who had visited but not signed up to go back and sign up.

Your ads stand out as much more frequent than other behavioural campaigns I've experienced as a user.
Do you have a maximum limit on displays (per 30 days) to a specific viewer? Or a time limit once you have someone coming back regularly? I guess if it's cheap branding you don't have to worry about it financially.
Have the comments you got been positive, negative or neutral? I'm interested because before I read this I interpreted it as a poorly limted / defined campaign which hinted at 'desperation' in trying to get people signed up, and while it certainly increased awareness it didn't increase positivity. (I know I'm more 'informed' because I'm in digital marketing so I may be a bad sample! On the other hand and to reassure that this is not just criticism, overall I am really enjoying SavvySME!)
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Brian Jo

Brian Jo GM at

I dont think its a more aggressive push by the Savvy marketing team but as a result of your browser cookies seeing you visited this site and thus advertising more.

Happy to be corrected

Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang , Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

Thats about right :)