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How do I get my videos to rank on YouTube

Guys, on the back of Wendy's excellent presentation about blogging at the Savvy Meetup Thursday night I would like to ask some questions regarding YouTube ranking and management..

Actually, I'll start by asking the questions but obviously hoping that Wendy will put together a "10 ways to improve your ranking in YouTube" post.. or "5 Must have YouTube tools" post .. (-:

1. What are some of the tips and techniques that can be used to get your videos to rank on YouTube?

2. How do you use the paid advertising possibilities and what sort of results are you getting?

3. Are there any "analytics"-like tools covering YouTube?

4. Are there any utilities, plugins, or other useful tools that you use when posting and managing YouTube videos?


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James Norquay

James Norquay Consulting Director at Prosperity Media

A few points to rank YouTube videos:

1. Use related keywords in your video title.
2. Use AdWords keyword tool and YouTube keyword too for research on keywords https://ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool 
3.  Use tags in the video with related keywords.
4. Use the description element in the video with related content to the title.
5. Try to do link building back to the video URL itself - use PR/ your own sites/ other sites ect
6. Try to gain social shares to the video itself.
7. Time length of the video is another metrics I have tested, too long can cause issues.
8. Make sure that you name the video file itself related to your keywords, even in the file details of the video you upload you can add additional information.
9. As said above overall views is a good metrics for the video too. 
10. Annotations on the YouTube video is good.
11. Make use of video transcripts too.

A few tips listed above, I have a few videos with millions of views so I have been doing this for a while




Henrik Larsen

Henrik Larsen , Director at IePlus Pty Ltd

Thanks James, I'll check out the keyword tool that was exactly the kind of info I was after.
James Norquay

James Norquay , Consulting Director at Prosperity Media

Yeah you need to remeber with Youtube the keyword metrics are very different to Google Search, Cat Videos might have 100,000 on Google search but on Youtube it might have 1,000,000 as an example.
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Peter Montgomery

First thing to consider is what keyword, phrase, question you want it to be ranked for. Basically what will someone who is looking for what your video will give them type in to search for it. This is actually a cut and paste of a file I sent to Zaki Ameer (a friend and client of mine) for him to use on a video we made together so it will be ranked: Notice where our keywords are placed. We are going for Brand name - 'Dream Design Do'  also his own name - 'Zaki Ameer'  and a question - 'Why invest in existing established properties'. Plus the description was simply written so the reader knows what value they'll get from watching the video and to position Zaki as someone they really should listen to when it comes to property, all to inspire them to watch it, (views help it rank) Once you decide what your keywords are, put them in your title, description and tags and also variations of those keywords. In this example I broke the question down (in the tags) to smaller phrases by removing a word at a time.  And always put your link at the beginning of your text so that the only step they need to take to visit your website is click the link. Less steps for them the better. The viewer doesn't need to click 'Show More' to see the whole description and then find your link.  Title: Dream Design Do TV with Zaki Ameer - Why Invest In Existing Established Properties? Episode #1 Description: http://www.dreamdesign.do Dream Design Do TV with Zaki Ameer - Episode #1 Zaki Ameer went from Zero to a $3 Million Dollar property portfolio with 15 properties in 3 years and he did it with low start up capital. Once a week I ask Zaki a question about how he did it so you can learn from his success... This week's question: Why Invest In Existing Established Properties? Tags: Dream Design Do TV,  Episode 1, Why Invest In Existing Established Properties, Invest In Existing Established Properties, Existing Established Properties, Established Properties,  Existing Properties, Dream Design Do, Zaki Ameer, Zaki Ameer Interview, The Peter Montgomery Show, Peter Montgomery, Property Investing, Property Investing Tips

Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

Thanks for asking the question Henrik! I actually went to a event where a YouTube representative revealed future plans for YouTube and from the horses mouth the one huge factor affecting your ability to show up on the YouTube search and recommendation algorithms is:

Watch time

What that is, is the amount of time people continue to STAY on YouTube AFTER they finish watching your video. The main metric YouTube is measuring this year is the amount of time people stay on the site - so passing that on to us as YouTube content creators is a great strategy to maximise that.

Therefore things like, getting people to click more videos, or links to other videos in your content will incentivise people to stay on YouTube and therefore increasing the visibility of your video on the YouTube network. (not sure if this directly affects search results).

However if you look at the figures, a large majority of views will be gained from people click on your video from within YouTube or YouTube search as opposed to from a google search engine.

James and Peter did a really good job of covering the SEO side of things :)

Henrik Larsen

Henrik Larsen , Director at IePlus Pty Ltd

Thanks Wendy, that is very interesting info..
Henrik Larsen

Henrik Larsen Director at IePlus Pty Ltd

Thanks Peter that is really good info.. hey good event Thu did you end up doing any interviews?


Peter Montgomery

Yes I interviewed Phil Khor,

He was very tired after all the preparation and running the event, so extremely generous to do that.

I'll watch it back soon and see how it turned out. If the sound and lighting is ok etc... I'll make it an episode.

Peter Montgomery

I just thought a real example would be better than a made up one and you can also check how well it works for real over on Youtube, especially if you type in the question and the break down of the question in the tags. You can also find out what doesn't work so well on a new video too I guess.