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Asked this question on 18/5/13 -Sales and Marketing

Ever engaged a service provider from a cold calling telemarketer?

In these days of SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing etc I just wanted to spare a thought for the sales / business owner who prefers to engage a prospective client first with phone call..

So I just wanted to get a feeling for which Businesses have taken on a new service provider from a cold / marketing call in the last 12 months ?...and any feedback you have on this subject?

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Steve Osborne

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Making a sale directly from a cold call is impossible, or if it happens, a complete fluke. it's like throwing a fishing line into the ocean and expecting a whale on the hook when you reel it in. No business owner in their right mind will commit to a substantial outlay for professional services of any kind based on a phone conversation with someone they've never met, or know nothing about.

However telemarketing, done well, is not a complete waste of time. In fact it can reap good results, if done with specific ends in mind. (Disclosure: we provide clients with ideas and scripts for small-scale telemarketing campaigns.)

For example, a recent self-managed campaign for an IT services provider resulted in a ratio of 4 x qualified leads per 20 calls, with a close rate of one-in-four. Each of those closed deals was worth over $5,000 to the client.

So, it depends on what you're trying to achieve with the resources available. The crucial elements are, in order of importance: the list; the offer; the script(s); the CRM; the Plan B. Unless you have all these ducks in a row, any cold-calling campaign is, in my view, destined for failure.

Happy to advise, if help is required.

Phil Joel

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Hi Gino,

We haven't taken on any service providers from a cold call. I think most people do not want to be sold to which is why Social Media is a great way to make the initial connections and build relationships. Over time, these relationships will turn into actual business (whether directly or indirectly) but it does take time.