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Asked this question on 6/9/17 -Business Management

What book that you read gave biggest impact to your business?

Sometimes a book shakes your core and changes your whole perspective in business. Sometimes a book is the best pick-me-up when you're down and out in business. Sometimes a book inspires you to do more than you thought you could do. What has been the one book that gave the biggest impact to you, and ultimately, your business? And what was the biggest eye-opening lesson in it for other SMEs?

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Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt Owner at Startup Chucktown

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Information Anxiety 2 by Richard S. Wurman. It is a great book about why the structure of information is so important for the audience that is consuming (or using) it. It also talks about different employee and management styles that work well together and some that are very incompatible. My copy is extremely highlighted and marked up with sticky notes. I think anyone could learn something interesting from that book.

Greg Rogers

Greg Rogers Founder and CEO at REthink HQ

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Can I bend the rules a little?

"What has been the one book that gave the biggest impact to you, and ultimately, your business?"

That to me sounds like...the one book that impacted you and the one book that impacted your business.

Cos as the business owner it's you in the business. Hence two books.

Anyhoo I digress.

One book for me - Covey's 7 Habits. Will never lose value or relevance. It's a great framework for any business owner - thinking about it, a start up, a newbie, a mid term, or a mature business. Gives you the mindset you need.

Closely followed by Dale Carnegie's - How to Win Friends and Influence People. First published in 1936 and every single lesson still relevant today. It's the little things that count.

Ok, so that's 2.

Actual business book - E-Myth by Michael Gerber. Smarter not harder!

This book should be compulsory pre-reading for anyone wanting to go into business.

So that's 3. Seeking forgiveness not permission!

To your business growth.


Brad Lyons

Brad Lyons Consultant at

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My Grandfather told me there is only one book I should read. It made him a lot of money and gave him a good life. 

Dale Carnegie: how to win friends and influence people

He told me to read it at least 3 times as you tend to miss things the first time round. Good honest book. Many authors have tried to copy this book and failed. 

There are a lot of books out there. This to me is the only one worth reading. If you spend all your time reading all the book in the world on how to imporve your life or make more money. How in the world will you have time to actually do it?