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How do I convert website visitors to buyers or leads?

After talking to many members, I've found that this is a common problems for SMEs. After spending money on ads and marketing, how do you get visitors who land on your website to sign up, buy, hire or show interest? What's been your biggest lead converter for your site?

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Keyur Amin

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This is the everyday question for every SMEs. They spend money on advertisements, get targeted traffic but at times fails to get a lead or conversion. We had tested this and got success depending on various types of traffic and niche.

We recommend creating a specific landing page based on a different segment of advertisements. For example, if you are an eCommerce store selling different types of dresses and say that you have categorised your dresses according to the colour, then you should target or lead your prospects to specific colour targeted pages. You also need to create colour based advertisements. So consider this as an example that if a person is searching for a white fancy dress and he comes across your advert promoting white dresses, clicks on it and lands on a white dresses category page then his synchronisation was smooth and his chances of getting converted are much higher than just directing that visitor to the homepage.

If you are selling specific services then do not send users directly to the service or product page, instead create a lead page and capture their email address first before directing them to the main product/service page. This way you can at least get a lead which you can then nurture and drive to become a customer. Now the question arises here is how do I capture a lead out of the lead capture page. In this context, I will ask you to provide something free to the visitor in turn for him/her to provide you with their email address and then direct them to the main page OR you can ask few questions related to the product and know their intention before letting them go to the main page. There are tons of examples and ways to get this done. It's just that we have to become more creative and unique.

If you have a specific niche and wants me to guide you in a specific direction then feel free to message me.

Heather Winchcomb

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This is a common problem. Firstly you need to have a strong idea as to who is your ideal customer.

"Everyone" is not your customer. Who is your target market? Creating persona's and understanding who is your ideal customer is one of the most important things to understand in marketing your business.

Once you know who you are targeting you can then position your Call to Action (CTA) directly to that target audience.

You need to hone in on why your "target audience" wants or needs your product or service.

Many websites just have a few links to their contact us page, there is no sense of urgency or a reason why they should contact you.

You should craft your call to action and give them a strong reason to contact you or buy from you.

Eg; Buy this today and receive free shipping on your next order or contact us today for a free quote/consultation.

I recently saw a great website for a home improvement product that had a free quote form on all the pages that talked about this particular product, so it was quick and easy to get a quote, I didn't need to hunt for the contact us page.

Adding trust is also important. Testimonials from previous customers are great and give prospective customers a sense of trust about your business products or service.

In my previous business, my website sold men's gifts, my target market wasn't men, it was women buying for men and I even found that my main target age group was women with kids. So I made sure the website was women and kid friendly, so kids looking over mums shoulder (helping mum buy for dad) didnt see anything offensive or distasteful. I offered free shipping over a certain dollar amount and indicated if items were in stock and would be dispatched within 24hours.

Jonathon Lo

Jonathon Lo, Founder at HealtheBit

Hi Yee,

I often get asked this by Doctors and the key is to build online CREDIBILITY.

Positive reviews and ratings are the gold standard. Other techniques include:

- Before/After

- Social proof

- Testimonies

- Third party credibility (e.g. mentioned on Forbes; used by Google)

- Harnessing a UVP or vision

- Online brand

David Chambat

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Obivously This depends on the kind of business you are in. For , as we are in villa rental business, the funnel is quite complicated as most people don't book immediately - tend to look , try many websites, including ww brands such airbnb, before they send an enquiry.

Hence, 3 things are key to us:

> increasing reassurance on the website with visuals, proof of concept, reviews, testimonials etc.

> capturing emails as early as possible, with specials and offers

> retargeting and remarketing to keep users engaged and let them come back to the site

Good luck !

Erik Bigalk

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A classic questions, and I have to agree with the suggestions, comment made here too.

In addition, I want to mention that depending on the nature of your customer/business and the process most suitable different things apply. It is however safe to say that despite the advancement of technology and automation, funnels and retargeting, we can generate multiple touch-points, often the personalisation of this pre-sale dance is often the catalyst that can short-fuse the funnel and fast-track to achievinfg the sale.

Of course you still need a strong strategy to drive traffic, position your business/brand/product strongly and back this up with social proof, testimonials and visual comms...  however, rather than rely on the funnel, automated emails and retargeting, having a speed to contact system in place that personalises the communications has been proven to drastically boost conversion rates and enhances open rates of consequent email communication.

The for an example is a simple add-on to your contact and download forms that will trigger instant calls to your designated number and lets you connect with the lead in less than 60 seconds simply with a push of a button. Your lead reach rate is significantly higher, your conversion rate upward of 600% greater in the first 5 minutes of them filling in the firm and 78% of leads tend to buy from the first company that contacts them, so you beat your competition, reduce your lead loss and boost your lead conversion, giving you greater ROI on your online marketing.

Research shows that around 70% of online leads never get called, and when they do it takes an average 46 hours to be reached and more than 3 attempts. Most salespeople will give up after an average if 2.5 attempts. Clearly, looking at simple yet effective methods such as speed to connect solutions as mentioned above are worth looking at before amping up your lead generation. In the end its not about how many leads you get, but how many you can convert.

I have looked into this arena thoroughly for some time and have assessed systems that provide this solution. The LeadCaller offers a free trial, something I cannot recommend highly enough for anyone looking to increase sales, maximise on their leads and gain greater ROI on online marketing.

Best, Erik
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