Cassidy Poon
Cassidy Poon, Head of Digital & Social Media at LogicalTech Group


Is Crowdsourcing The Future Of Advertising For Businesses?

Maybe. Right now it’s too early to tell. There are many upsides, and many downsides. But as the downs fall on the shoulders of the creative talent, and the industry thrives on creativity, it’s likely that crowdsourcing will probably remain a very small part of the advertising industry. Have you ever used a crowdsourcing platform, either as a freelancer or a client? Or do you simply have a point of view to share? 


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Jacquie Baker

Jacquie Baker Co-founder at Sureshot

I sincerely hope it isn't the future.  I have used crowdsourcing for small jobs, and have been really happy with most of the outcomes.

But I feel you loose the intimacy of a relationship. One of the joys of being in business, is getting to know your suppliers, and them getting to know you.  The feeling that you are working together to build/create something wonderful is one of most important aspects for me to be in business for myself.  Having people lower their prices, and churn out work, doesn't create an environment, where talent can flourish....and I do not think you can get truly clever, well considered results.