Cassidy Poon
Cassidy Poon Head of Digital & Social Media at LogicalTech Group

Have you used a crowdsourcing platform either as a freelancer or a client?

Australia has become a “global hub for crowdsourcing”.  What are the pros and cons of crowdsourcing and have you ever used a crowdsourcing platform either as a freelancer or a client? Or do you simply have a point of view to share?

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Jon Manning

Jon Manning, Founder at

I run a crowd-sourcing platform (expert-sourcing to be exact), called PricingProphets, where SME's, start-ups, entrepreneurs and women (yes...a big user of our service) can ask a panel of global pricing experts and thought-leaders what price to charge for a product or service, and why? There's no competition amongst responses - we provide clients with all experts' opinions. We solve a problem that alot of people have (WTF do I charge?), and so far, everybody loves the results.


Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

Thats a pretty cool concept! I actually know a few people here that would love to use that service :)!

Cassidy Poon

Cassidy Poon, Head of Digital & Social Media at LogicalTech Group

Thanks for the input Jon. Great insight.