How do I grow my Instagram audience?

Instagram is growing rapidly in Australia. Naturally, we want to build an audience on Instagram as our initial research shows a lot of our target customers are there. We're producing and scheduling 3-5 posts a week currently.

How do you grow your followers? And have you used Instagram ads? Are they effective in bringing in sales?

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Raz Chorev

Raz Chorev, Chief Marketing Officer at Orange sky

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Great questions!

Let's dive in:

Obviously, if your target market is on Instagram, you should make a real effort to engage with them on that platform. However, from your question, I understand that your aim is sales, not engagements.

That's perfectly fine then...

I would recommend a rotation of 20-30 ads, which you'll promote to your target audience. You don't need to focus on followers, as they won't necessarily buy from you. If you make a compelling ad, clear call to action, and easy shipment / payment options, you'll increase your sales.

The way I'd approach it would be:

1. Define target audience (you've done that part).

2. Create multiple versions of display ads, specifically designed for Instagram.

3. Make sure the end-to-end customer experience is well mapped out, from discovery to delivery.

4. Capture customer details and purchase history in your CRM, so you can communicate with them via email after the initial sale.

If you struggle with any of the above - don't sweat it! Outsource it!

Eduardo Forti

Eduardo Forti at Eduardo Forti

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Interactions always are going to be the key to everything, if you don't interact with people or potential customers how are you going to grow followers? This is like a salesman knocking doors, nobody knows about your business, so you have to make sure that the ideal people know about it.

Actually, Instagram ads are one of the best sources for getting sales, if you have a seasoned pixel and a great audience, you are ready to start making a lot of sales, but always keep in mind that scaling your ads will be necessary!

Melissa Rina Profeta

Melissa Rina Profeta, Owner at Melpro Consultancy and Marketing Services

How to organically grow your followers on Instagram

After carefully identifying your target market it's time for you to execute several activities within Instagram

You have to do something that pushes your content to the greater public.

Several business owners I've met felt frustrated with the activities they do on Instagram.
Unfortunately, it's not just about posting contents.

Here some of the strategies you can try, today:

Use highly targeted hashtags in your photos - make sure your content is relevant to your target market and do not use irrelevant hashtags.
Leave comments and like your target’s photos and engage. Be as genuine as possible when doing this to attract them to your profile. Find profiles and photos by exploring profiles through Instagram search. The best way to do this is to explore using hashtags.

DM your target - genuine connection always win on social! Start building a relationship with your target.

Post in Instagram stories -  what's great about IG stories is having the ability to add hashtags to your stories allowing other people to discover your content. Hashtags and location adding in stories is another way for you to get organic reach. This helps make your profile discovered by your target market.

David Bobis

David Bobis at

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Great tips there already. To add to that, although it's not sexy and time consuming, is to actively network with other people on Instagram. Find pages in your niche that are doing well, see who's commenting and then comment on their profiles.

Another tip is to tell everyone you meet about your Instagram page. You'll be surprised at who would want to support your success.