Jeffrey Joel
Jeffrey Joel MD at Auspac Trading NSW PL

Where is a good place to start looking for a sales rep?

Where's a good place to start looking for a sales rep? Would you just put an ad in seek or use employment agencies? The role is for a start up company. I'm just after some ideas. 

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Tim Greig

Tim Greig, Owner at Green Galah Pty Ltd

Not so much an answer Jeffrey but a comment. We are thinking about engaging a rep for sales of washroom and associated products: paper towels etc.

I am going to try either Gumtree or Seek but I going to see if I can find a person who is willing to work on commission only, at least until it becomes viable. They are out there and may suit if you only need someone for a few days a week.

My thoughts are that it could be added to an person who has a decent contact list and is willing to expand their "range". If we sell lots then sure, a retainer will be offered.

I would think that employment agencies will be a bit over the top especially for a start up and to be honest I have had little success with a few we have tried.

Good luck


Richard Carter

Richard Carter, CEO at Business Connection Resources

Start off by doing a search on LinkedIn (that's what most of the professional recruiters do nowadays). If you use the keywords, location and industry options in the advanced search, it should produce a reasonably specific list of possible candidates. 

By reviewing the profiles in the search results, it will then be possible to quickly draw up a short list. And you will gain a lot of good background information about those who make the short list. If potential candidates don't have a good quality, well connected LinkedIn profile, you have to question what they are even doing in the sales profession! 

Leah Gibbs

Leah Gibbs, Business Owner at Work At Home Mums

I can offer you a complimentary job advertisement on my jobs board

20K+ job seekers in all industries across Australia, seeking employment. Would be a good starting point for you