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What are the apps that have boosted your productivity?

Running a business requires sheer willpower, grit and also the ability to multitask. As business owners, we all have our list of go-to apps that make our life easier. I personally use Asana, Google Calendar and Gmail on a daily if not hourly basis. Google Drive and Evernote are great too. Flipboard and Podcast Addict are fantastic on the commute. What are your list of apps that you'd gladly pay money for?

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Roland Hanekroot

Roland Hanekroot, Founder at New Perspectives Business Coaching

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I love MS OneNote, also Accelo is great. Google Keep is super simple and useful and I love Pocket (get pocket ) to manage all the pieces of content from all over the web I want to keep and share out through my social media channels and I use Buffer and Hootsuite for that.

And Finally I use Active Campaign for all my automated marketing

Greg Rogers

Greg Rogers, Founder and CEO at

Hi Yee,

Great question and perfect timing, I am actually in between sessions of a workshop on that exact thing.

How to boost your productivity in 7 simple apps

I have approached it from the point of view that most SME's have to juggle numerous roles, so what apps across different discplines of business can help.

Most important, they start of free, yes most have paid versions as well but entry level is free!

This is what I presented.

Canva - for simple, beautiful designs and documents.

Co Schedule Headline Analyzer - awesome tool to perfect that attention grabbing headline.

Team viewer - the aboslute easiest way to gain remote control access to any computer, anywhere.

Agile CRM - yes there are thousands of them but Agile is as good as any.

Dropbox - Again, many different variations but for true cloud storage and access across multiple devices and platforms, Dropbox is a good choice.

Zoom - my choice for online meetings, conferences, web classes.

Bitly (or TIny URL) - never have a corrupt link again.

Messenger - of all the IM platforms still one of the simplest to use with a multitude of business applications.

Square - mobile POS

Trello - the project management, to-do, task list, software program of choice.

Mailchimp - An oldie but still a goodie. Email marketing automation made simple.

Love to hear more from others.

To your business growth.




Lisa Ormenyessy

Lisa Ormenyessy, Business Coach and Marketing Specialist at

Definitely the dropbox app.  Being able to see documents on the go on my phone has been a god send.