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Any networking events for businesses in Melbourne or Sydney?

Can anyone recommend any networking events for small businesses in Melbourne or Sydney?

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James Norquay

James Norquay, SEO Director at

Depends what niche you are in, I run two networking events in Sydney with some friends. 

One is for Online Marketing, where we get specialists from the field to talk about digital we have around (330+ members)

The other one is for online business owners in Sydney - (new meetup but its more focused for people who run business and we only have drinks)

Both have networking drinks and you can meetup with like minded business owners. 

Every one is welcome to join both from Savvy SME as they are free.

My advice is to sign up to and see what you can find.

Andrew Thorn

Andrew Thorn, Business Development Manager at Crucial Cloud Hosting


The NSW Business chamber have a great event call Networking at Night. It is open to both chamber members and non members as well. It is a paid event however I have had great success with these events from a networking perspective. There are a large amount of small business owners at these events ( get around 80-100 ppl each time). You can also do a 60 second soap box which is good to spruik your business. 

Here is the link to the event.

You can also use to locate some more specific niche events in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Hope this helps, I am also happy to catch up for a coffee anytime if you are wanting to do some networking in Surry Hills!

Creative Bar

Creative Bar at Creative Bar Marketing Consulting Agency

Thanks very much for the help Andrew! I'll be sure to keep you in mind when we are in Sydney again.

William Chen

William Chen, Founder at

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I agree with James there, you can find some great free networking events from

There are also special 'speed networking' events where you get to meet alot of different people in a short amount of time, but unfortunately you don't get to spend much time with anyone in particular, it's more of, what do you do? how can we help eachother? let's exchange business cards and catchup over coffee sometime.

Bridget Holland

Bridget Holland, Director at

There is an active and friendly group on LinkedIn called Sydney Referral Network.  Alex the organiser puts on frequent events.