Lauren Clemett
Lauren Clemett Director at Ultimate Business Propellor

What are the key trends for personal brands?

I'm interested in feedback on who is using personal branding well and who's not, and what the future holds for the personal branding space. Can you share your insight into personal branding trends right now?

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Danielle Lewis

Danielle Lewis, CEO & Co-Founder at

Top 10% Branding

There are 3 keys to personal branding that hold true throughout this digital era.

  1. Identify and articulate your unique selling proposition

  2. Build an impactful online presence

  3. Network, network, network!

The first steps to uncovering your unique selling proposition is to ask yourself some key questions. What do you care about? What are your values? What are you passionate about? What are you good at? Write down your answers and be honest with yourself. It can actually help to do this exercise with a trusted partner, friend or family member - very interesting to see what they write down about you!

Your online presence is the way people perceive you and how you interact with people digitally - so this could be on social media, how you write on your blog, the way you communicate via email and how other people online speak about you or to you, share your content and even if they refer business to you. It is important to ensure your values are reflected across each of these touchpoints and that they all look connected. Having the same handle or profile image can help to tie together your digital presence. Also posting regularly across each channel and engaging with your audience is essential to a strong brand.

Finally, networking. So many people hate networking events. Not because the event isn’t run well, or that they don’t meet business connections, they hate them because of the way they feel leading up to them… they’re nervous about standing by themselves for too long or not knowing the first thing to say when they introduce themselves to a stranger. Let me tell you that everyone feels the same way. If you can push through it, you will get exponentially more value from a face to face connection.

And my number one tip for succeeding at networking event, just be a good person. Listen and ask questions when you do get the chance to speak to someone. Do what you say you are going to do… so if you offer to make an introduction to someone you know, do it. Follow up with a call or email if you’ve exchanged business cards. And play the long game, don’t try and sell your stuff to everyone you meet… create value for them and the ones that need your services will come to you.

Petra Zink

Petra Zink, Founder & Director at impaCCCt

Totally agree with all aspects of Danielle's answer! So I won't repeat it, just add to it! :) 

Fact is - not many understand Personal Branding at its core because I always get the feedback 'I don't want to brag about myself', 'I don't want to blow my own horn about how good I am.'


Here is the thing: Personal Branding is NOT about you. It is about positioning yourself as the Go-to-Person when it comes to yoru area of expertise. It is about showing others how you can help them by sharing your approach and learning with the,. It is about re-assuring them that you are the best person for solving the problem they are facing.

We are moving into a service based industry where it all comes down to how well you can resonate with the service provider as otherwise you just compete with price which is obviously not sustainable. It is about having a clear understanding of what makes you different and show how your work benefits your audience. For that you need to obvioulsy be crustal clear yourself what you actually want to stand for and what makes you YOU-nique.

Moving into a digitally connected world where everyone becomes slowly but surely virtual, it is key to become real! What does means? You need to build a strong presence and reputation - online & offline to support your Positioning.

Public Speaking is key to not only gain credibility but also expand your network tenfolds in a much shorter time as to when you just attend events. It is also about the 'Social Proof' of it - so having photos from your speaking engagements and showing behind the scenes footage as well as achievements from and with your work are key to build trust and a relationship. And this is what personal branding is all about - building a relationship where there is none which is the base for further mutual beneficial engagement :)