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What's the best marketing campaign that you've seen?

Some of the greatest memorable hits: Metro's Dumb Ways To Die, Tourism Queensland's Best Job In The World.

Which small or big marketing campaigns have been memorable to you?

Phil Khor

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Great question! 

I'm always fascinated by Unilever's series of 'Real Beauty' campaign for Dove. I think Dove’s campaign went viral because it resonated with people's general realisation that female beauty as depicted by media and peers are not always normal, and that the most beautiful person you can be is yourself. It became bigger than the brand itself and I believe that's what great marketing campaigns are about.

That said, I think they have also cop a lot of flak on social media for more recent campaigns, including the one where they create different bottles to represent the various shapes and sizes women come in. It's a bit over the top in my book but hey, justified or not, I think it's still has to be one of the best running campaigns over the years.