Do you manage your social media yourself or outsource?

If you do outsource, which task do you outsource and what's the cost? If you're not, why did you choose not to? Any help will be much appreciated.


2 Answers

Petra Zink

Petra Zink , Director at impaCCCt

I manage my own social media but do bulk work. I schedule everything a month at least beforehand - my blogs I have done until March and have had them ready since November.
It's all about being clear what you want to say, the message you want to get across, knowing some time (aka life) saving tools and you don't have to rely on others! :) 

Maini Homer

Maini Homer , Owner at Infinity NLP Coaching

I outsource the mundane jobs that I don't have time to do.  So, I have a girl who does four hours a day setting up all my posts, and responding as my PA.