Aishah Mustapha
Aishah Mustapha Content Marketer at

How important is selecting your business name?

Just curious - does your business name matter much in the long term? Or does it vary between industries, B2B or B2C? 

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Maini Homer

Maini Homer, Owner at

I don't think it matters much.  People will remember you for the service you provide and the way they felt, not particularly if you have a quirky name or not. 

Aishah Mustapha

Aishah Mustapha, Content Marketer at

Thanks @Maini Homer. I thought so too. I guess as long as you steer clear of bad/sleazy ones, it should be fine.

Daniel Spark

Daniel Spark, Director

This is such a difficult question. When you put everything you have into a venture I feel it is important to relate to the name. Eventually, the business takes on its own identity and becomes more than it was when you named it...

I think if you take a variety of names and remove the context it makes it clear that it probably does not matter in the long run to the business itself. It is the businesses operations that define itself not the name.