Where is best to post blog content?

As per your infographic, blogs are the most critical tactic to content marketing success for B2B and B2C. Where is best to host blog content? On all platforms, on our own websites? 

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Leisa Goddard

Leisa Goddard, Managing Director at

To make your blogs, and importantly, the time you invest in writing them worthwhile, you should be posting them across every platform that you can.
A successful blog isn’t just about counting the number the likes and shares, a successful blog is one that can give you a link from another site to help boost your SEO, which is where your website ranks in a Google search.
The better your SEO, the easier it is for new customers and clients to find you over your competition.
What’s also worth remembering is who is going to be reading your blog and targeting it to that audience. Put simply, you need to have a strategy to make people want to engage..
For example each platform, whether it be the company’s website, Facebook or LinkedIn, has a unique connection to the audience. In our Digital PR for clients of Adoni Media we spend a lot of time analysing data and doing research so that we know exactly what each audience looks like and what “angle” will interest them.
For example, your platforms might have these audiences:

  • Your company’s website attracts customers.
  • Your company’s Facebook attracts the general public.
  • Your company’s LinkedIn attracts potential business partners.

As a journalist I know if you don’t’ write to your audience you need not bother and it’s even more important in the business world and public relations.
Timing is also important. Know when your audience is active on social media. Again, it’s why having experts who can break down your Google and Facebook analytics is so important.
The other key to success – be consistent! It’s hard I know when you are busy with the day to day management of your business but have a schedule of topics and times. As a journalist and as someone who works in PR,  I know a deadline and a strategy are the key.

Daniel Spark

Daniel Spark, Director

My opinion, your own domain name and WordPress is a great start for blogging. I suggest your own server/installation ( however you can find a hosted solution on Blogging on your own domain will allow you to increase the domains ranking which will be worthwhile as your business grows.

If you are already operating a business website creating more content on it will drive more traffic which will only be good for business. I would couple blogging with social media (whichever platforms suit your business). Your website and social media will go hand in hand directing traffic to each other.