New business ideas

What small business ideas are cheap or free to start?


2 Answers

Daniel Spark

Daniel Spark , Director at D&M Spark Enterprises PTY LTD

Depending on the scale you wish to achieve niche product are great with little to no money. You can check out the likes of for some ideas of some products that are cheap to make but sell for decent amounts.

I think it is safe to say that there is always an exchange of value, if you do not have money to exchange for items others feel are of value, then you will need to have creativity or persistance to bargain with.

Maini Homer

Maini Homer , Owner at Infinity NLP Coaching

There are several ways that you can start a business for little or no money down.  I have created 8 successful businesses all from very little and these have been in many different genre's.

I actually have a book out on the subject of making money online, however, I am not sure that I am allowed to tell you that here.