Aishah Mustapha
Aishah Mustapha, Community Manager at SavvySME

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What's A Good Alternative To MailChimp For Email Marketing?


4 Answers

Emily Gorsky

Emily Gorsky , Copywriting & Content Marketing at The Write Impact

Aweber and Convert Kit are great for the price, I know of a few people who use those as the main alternatives to MailChimp. I also remember someone mentioning that Campaign Monitor is one to avoid because it's expensive and isn't any better than the alternatives.

Roman Daneghyan

Roman Daneghyan , Chief Marketing Officer at Renderforest

We use MailJet.

It's very easy to use. 

The best feature that I love, is that you can filter and export Only Opened mail lists from your campaigns.

And also their prices are good.

You can read reviews of MailJet here.

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt , Owner at Startup Chucktown

I'd suggest checking out Email Octopus, 
I don't personally use them, but their pricing and product are impressive. There are of course many other alternatives, but when using MailChimp as a direct comparison, I think this has a lot going for it.

Paula O'Sullivan

Campaign Monitor is my email marketing platform - costs me about $12 per month, no coding in required and the templates look lovely on desktop and mobile. You can also build sequences and do a bunch of other things. It's a great choice for SMEs.