Is having your own mobile app necessary for a business?

In today's Mobile world, everyone wants to do everything with the help of an easy mobile app. So my question is, is it important to have a mobile application developed if you have a one service based business?


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Lisa Ormenyessy

Lisa Ormenyessy , Business Coach and Marketing Specialist at Straight Talk Group

HI Anon, this is a question that requires a little more infomation to be answered in any helpful manner because it really does depend on your business.  Can you tell us what type of business you have, and what type of app you are considering.  

One factor that you may like to think about is - how much will the app cost you and what you want to achieve by having it.  Is it for making sure people show up on time (an appointmnet setting app)  or is it to buy your products and services from?  Knowing the result you are wanting will help you decide if an app is the best and/or most cost effective way of achieving your goal.