Any lean startup that successfully grew into a lean company?

Scaling an organization is hard enough on its own but how about scaling the culture and values of a lean startup into a larger business? Do you know someone who has successfully scaled up from a small team into a business without losing the lean qualities? People talk about SAFe and Portfolio Kanban software but was wondering if there are some personal success stories here. 

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Lisa Ormenyessy

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HI Anon,  A simple google search will uncover hundred of successful companies that started from small beginings.  Most big businesses were once small businesses.

From - the top 6 companies that started in a garage are:  Google, Amazon, Disney, Microsft, Apple and HP.    Something to aspire to!

Jef Lippiatt

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I haven't done this personally, but I do know both founders from a local company (Charleston, South Carolina, USA). Their company, Launchpeer, pitches itself as a "Startup-as-a-Service" company. Over the years they have launched several unique programs, such as an accelerator and a loan program for clients. I really couldn't do their story justice, so I've linked to the article that explains their start. I think you'll gain a lot from checking them out.